Rebranding a Carbon-Offsets Pioneer
Earth justice
Brand expression
American Carbon Registry

American Carbon Registry was the first private voluntary greenhouse-gas registry in the world, issuing carbon offsets according to a rigorous standard and registering them, effectively creating tradable financial assets. ACR is a subsidiary of Winrock International, a nonprofit named for Winthrop Rockefeller with a mission to increase economic opportunity, sustain natural resources, and protect the environment.

Our approach

Design question

The problem? ACR’s name is more or less 'carbon registry,' but the organization wanted to formally step into the climate-finance space, which often has nothing to do with carbon. It also implied a very limited regionality with the word 'American,' which didn’t align with the organization’s international work and global influence.

Design response

Climate finance reaches much further—into areas like water resources, reforestation, wildlife habitat restoration, extreme weather events, and a slew of other environmental preservation issues that aren't strictly 'American' nor directly related to carbon. It was time for a brand rethink, conducted in two consecutive scopes: brand strategy including renaming, followed by verbal and visual identity.


“Lisa guided us very professionally on a detailed ACR re-branding strategy, which ultimately included renaming as well as verbal and visual guidelines. She brought to the process a clear method and pace that allowed us to collaborate, contribute, and learn about brand strategy overall, which was helpful for a small organization that punches above its weight.”

Mary Grady

President and CEO of Environmental Resources Trust (ERT) at Winrock International and Executive Director of ACR at Winrock International