Meet our team

The team at Fraîche is a pure distillation of California-inspired design and innovation, expertly adapted to the context of France.

Lisa Baird

is a multidisciplinary designer-writer based in Paris. Mostly, she is a design strategist. Practically, she is a service, experience, venture, and systems designer; advanced financial modeler, information architect, interactive data visualizer; qualitative design researcher, writer, developmental editor, copyeditor; and a strong oral communicator with facilitation skills, performance sensibilities, and an ability to speak on stage.


Lisa started her career in large-scale commercial print in Dallas then moved on to investment banking in New York before eventually moving into strategic finance and corporate strategy for public universities in Texas and California. After a stint as a grant-maker at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, she returned to the San Francisco Bay Area as a principal designer for the design and innovation consultancy IDEO where she specialized in systems design and interactive data visualization, primarily in the education and media-technology studios. Between 2015 and 2022, she built a healthy design + strategy consulting practice with clients like IDEO, frog, COLLINS, and others. In 2022, she moved her business from California to France to launch Fraîche Design Thinking, where she serves as president and creative director.


During undergraduate studies, Lisa earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and a bachelor’s degree in print journalism, both from the University of Texas at Austin. Ten years later, she earned a master of business administration from the University of California–Berkeley, which included a semester in luxury brand management at ESSEC Business School outside Paris. Five years later, she earned a master of design from California College of the Arts in San Francisco where she focused on design research, UX, and interaction design. She lives outside Paris with her husband and two children.

Alexia Prost

Alexia is a multilingual finance professional with a strong appetite for numbers and data management. She has lived and worked in several countries, operated in various industries, and moved through a range of functional roles and positions. She thrives in challenging environments, identifies as result-oriented, and deeply believes that the most successful, thriving companies of tomorrow are those that weave restorative, sustainable climate practices directly into the heart of the business model—natively regenerative from the start.


Alexia started her career in audit in one of the Big Five accounting firms in Paris, then relocated to New York where she served as accounting manager of a French enterprise specializing in high-end luxury haircare. She then moved into investment banking, initially as a management controller, then as an information-technology project manager. After four years in New York, she took a professional pause to travel the world for one year, from South and Central America, to Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands. In 2004, she returned to Paris to rejoin the investment banking industry, serving in a wide array of capacities, from international IT project manager, to relationship manager within the telecom sector, and finally to business manager in the commodities sector. Ultimately, she left financial services in search of better personal and professional values alignment, which she found at Fraîche Design Thinking where she serves as the main administrative and financial officer.


Alexia earned a master’s degree from ESSEC Business School outside Paris with a major in accounting and management control. She speaks four languages—French, English, Greek, and Spanish—and has been a devoted ashtanga yoga practitioner for approximately 20 years. She lives outside Paris with her husband and daughter.

Firm beliefs

At Fraîche, we are fundamentally unafraid to surface the unexpected. Design and innovation are disciplines of creation, and Fraîche never hesitates to create new knowledge, meaning, and truth, rooted deeply and directly in human-centered evidence. Our work is unabashedly beautiful, evoking harmony and a sense of coming home, both sensorially and intellectually. Clients benefit from professional work that is defensible before myriad audiences, easy to share, reflective of top-of-mind challenges, and irresistibly implementable. We believe even the most complex ambitions can be translated into relatable, compelling solutions with global resonance.

What clients can count on

Clients can expect to feel a sense of clarity when they work with Fraîche. We demonstrate how user research and insights ladder up to design and innovation. The work feels evidence-based rather than opinion-based, while still feeling fresh and inspired. Clients can shed feelings of apprehension because they are able to step into the work gradually and learn along the way. Fraîche prepares clients to discuss the work internally, an often overlooked aspect of change. The work from Fraîche is difficult to criticize, which helps clients feel confident—before, during, and after engagement.

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